Grand Valley or Heber Valley Bank Check Card for Business

Grand Valley Bank offers you the convenience of faster, easier checking and account management with Grand Valley and Heber Valley Bank Check Cards. The Check Card looks like a credit card but works like your check because the purchase amount is automatically deducted from your checking account.

Grand Valley and Heber Valley Bank Check Cards are accepted wherever you see the VISA sign. Simply present your card and sign your name. It’s that easy!

Easier Payment

The Check Card is faster and more convenient than writing a check. No need to carry a bulky checkbook or show multiple forms of identification.

Easy Acceptance

The Check Card is good anywhere VISA is accepted – at more than 12 million merchants worldwide.

Easier Record Keeping

  • Cards can be issued to specific employees, each with different purchase and cash capabilities. When they make a purchase or transaction with check card, you’ll have a record of all purchases by employee.
  • If an employee loses their card, you can stop one card and leave everyone else's open for use.
  • Your monthly statement will also list each purchase by date, vendor name and amount.

Easier Access to Cash

  • You can also use your Grand Valley or Heber Valley Bank Check Card to get cash and transfer funds from ATMs.

Easy to Apply

  • To get your Grand Valley or Heber Valley Bank Check Card*, simply give one of our account representatives a call at 970-241-4400, toll free 877-859-6040 or e-mail us. We’ll be happy to help you complete an application!

*w.a.c. - With Approved Credit

For tips on using your card, click here.

FDIC Coverage
Grand Valley Bank is participating in the FDIC's Transaction Account Guarantee Program.
Click here for Increased Coverage Info »

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