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Grand Valley Bank Business Debit Card

Simplify and streamline your business

  • More convenient than writing checks
  • Visa Acceptance
  • Employee cards with set limits available
  • Fraud Monitoring

Daily Card Limits

$2,000 Point Of Sale limit

These limits are set for security. Should you find yourself needing a higher limit for the day, please call
1-877-859-6040 to request a temporary limit raise.

Foreign Transactions

If your plans are taking you outside of the US or if you are making a purchase via phone or website where the company is located outside of the US, all it takes is a phone call to 1-877-859-6040 for us to open your card for use in that country.

Fraud Protection

Our Fraud Center is looking out for you! Should the Fraud Center detect the possibility of fraud on your debit card, they will follow the 4 steps below:

Step 1: An email is sent to you that will show possible fraudulent transactions. The email asks you to confirm whether the transactions are legitimate or fraud. Confirmed fraud will trigger a phone call to you from a fraud analyst.
*Emails occur 24 hours a day.

Step 2: You will receive a text message from the Fraud Center on your text capable phone numbers to confirm whether or not fraud is present. After the first text is sent, there is a 5 minute wait before trying another text capable number. There will be two reply options.
*Texts will be sent 24 hours a day for faster cardholder responses.

Step 3: If there isn't a reply from the text messages, an automated phone call is placed to the cardholder. Again, there will be an option to confirm that the charges are valid or fraudulent, as well as an option to speak with a fraud analyst. If the call is not answered and a voicemail is available, then a message will be left.
*Calls will only occur between 8 am and 9 pm local time.

Step 4: If there is not a response to any of the previous attempts, after 180 minutes the process starts over again at Step 1. Keep in mind that only 1 voicemail message will be left no matter how many times the 4 step cycle repeats itself. For your protection, this process will not stop until you respond to the Fraud Center.

How do I know if this is real?: If you are ever concerned about the authenticity of an email, text message or phone call please call your local branch to confirm that it was the Grand Valley Bank Fraud Center attempting to contact you. We are more than happy to help!

Be aware: At any point during this process, your card can be blocked by Fraud Center based on the risk score applied to the situation. For that reason, the Fraud Center will need to reach you as soon as possible.

Keep us updated: Should your email or phone numbers change, let us know so that we can reach you as soon as possible!

Stop in today and order your Grand Valley Bank business debit cards! We know you have many card options in today's world. Thank you for using your Grand Valley Bank business debit card. Contact Us with any comments or questions.

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