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OverDraft Protection

Grand Valley Bank offers a variety of loans to meet your financial needs. Because we are locally owned, all loan decisions are made right here where you bank. This local decision making means that you get timely decisions and flexible loan terms.

Convert Your Good Credit to Cash!

You've worked hard to build and maintain your good credit. Now you can enjoy the rewards of your efforts. Your success allows us to offer you a credit plan that you can bank on for convenience and cash.

OverDraft Protection = Financial Convenience

Our plan is designed to end checking account overdraft complications and charges. OverDraft Protection means that we've approved, in advance, a personal loan if you should overdraw your checking account. Our plan helps you avoid costly overdraft charges and embarrassing delays.

OverDraft Protection = Financial Freedom

You know the excitement of uncovering a great bargain, the joy of buying that perfect gift, or the fun of a spontaneous weekend holiday. You may also know the disappointment of discarding your plans because of a depleted bank account. It needn't happen again. Use your good credit to qualify for our plan, and your checking account will become a personal loan account. You may write your own loan any time you need extra money for pleasure or an emergency. Experience the freedom of having a reserve fund at your command.

How OverDraft Protection Works

Whenever you write a check for which you don't have compensating funds in your checking account, the money will be advanced in $50.00 increments from your OverDraft Protection plan to cover the check(s) up to the amount of your credit limit. Monthly minimum payments of $25.00 or 10% of the amount you owe will be automatically deducted from your checking account on the day your statement cycles. You can always pay any or all of the amount owed on your OverDraft Protection plan anytime. Finance Charges accrue at the daily periodic rate of .00049315% when you make an advance. The ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE is 18%. Taking the principal balance of your account each day and applying the daily periodic rate calculates the finance charge on this plan. To figure the principal balance for each day, we take your loan balance at the beginning of each day and subtract any unpaid finance charges and principal payments or credits (a portion of each payment you make is applied to finance charges). Then, we add any new advances made that day. The final figure is the principal balance.

You will be charged the following fees as applicable:

Per Advance: $2.50
Payments > 10 days late: $10.00

Investigate the Possibilities in Your Future - Today!

Apply Today! See one of our new accounts representatives for an application. Once you're approved, you'll have new cash resources and new potentials in your life.

Any Questions?

We'll be glad to talk to you about access to your OverDraft Protection Credit Line, finance charges, payment schedules and your personal credit loan limit. Apply now at your local branch! We Value Your Good Credit.

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Come see us for all of your borrowing needs. You'll get the personal attention that is so important.

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