paying with a debit or credit card

Personal Debit Cards

A Grand Valley Bank VISA® Contactless Debit Card offers convenience, secure access to cash, quick payment options, and VISA® acceptance.

In order to provide the greatest peace of mind possible, we also include free fraud monitoring! Should your card ever become lost or stolen, you can easily report it to us anytime, day or night. In most cases, we can print a new card in one of our branches to get you back in business faster. Stop by any of our convenient branches to get your Grand Valley Bank VISA® contactless debit card today.

To report a lost or stolen debit card call 1-888-297-3416. To minimize your exposure to loss, report your lost or stolen debit card as soon as you discover the loss.

Foreign Transactions
If you travel outside of the US or make a purchase online where the company is located outside of the US, all it takes is a phone call to 1-877-859-6040 and we can open your debit card for use in that country.

Consumer Protection
If your VISA® debit card is lost or stolen and unauthorized transactions are made, your maximum exposure to loss is $50.00. If you report that the card has been lost or stolen within two days of discovering the fact, your maximum exposure to loss is $0.

Daily Card Limits
Daily card limits can vary. To inquire on your specific card limits call 1-877-859-6040.

ATM Fees
The following ATM withdrawal fees are assessed as incurred:
  • Grand Valley Bank ATMs - FREE
  • MoneyPass ATMs - FREE
  • All other ATMs - $2.00*
*Some ATM machine owners may assess a surcharge for use of ATMs they own in addition to the fee shown above. There will be a posted notice or you will be notified at the time of use if such a fee is in effect at the machine you are using.

If using your Debit Card with a mobile wallet, please review: Mobile Pay Wallet Terms

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